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Over TWO decades of service. Simmons Pools & Spas, is a company specializing in the plastering, remodeling and repair of pools, spas and decking. Simmons Pools & Spas services include Plumbing, Tile, Coping, Decking, and Waterfalls. We can give new life to your pool by re-plastering it with a choice of colors and several finish types.

We are dedicated to providing homeowners with unparalleled service and superb workmanship. We have been helping our customers with their pool and spa needs for the past 23 years.

Our services include:

  • Complete Remodeling
  • Swimming Pool Plaster
  • Tile Repairs
  • Decking
  • Masonry


When you think of plastering, you normally think of the smooth, white plaster surface that turns a sparkling blue when filled with water, but there are actually many other available choices. We offer six different types of surfaces in MANY different colors that can be applied to your swimming pool surface.

Plaster-White / Plaster Marcite: What ever name you choose to call it, white plaster is the most popular of all pool plaster finishes. White plaster is a mixture of white marble sand and white portland cement which provide a hard and smooth finish. This pool finish is the most common and least expensive, but is not as durable as other pool plaster finishes.

SIMMONS POOLS & SPAS uses an additive to prolong your pool plaster life
A proprietary plaster protector that can add to the life of the pool plaster used in all of our pool plaster surfaces. How? We incorporate a blend of pozzolans and polymers and use the highest quality materials in North America. The polymers protect the finish during the early development process of the cement/plaster hydration reaction. The pozzolanic additives convert the calcium hydroxide (plaster dust) into less soluble cement compounds for a more durable finish. Although the manufacturer considers the combination and sources of these ingredients confidential, this technology has been used to produce high-strength concrete for many years.

Areas of Service:
North Dallas, TX
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sat: 8am - 6pm
Payment Options:
Cash or Checks

We invite you to discover the Simmons Pools & Spas difference for yourself.
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