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Customized Covers

A cover can be made for any size, shape, or make of spa.  Our standard skirt is 2" in width, but wider skirts can be made to fit your tub.

In addition to the two standard straps, you may have as many straps as needed for a minimal charge. These can be placed wherever is best for your cover needs. If your spa has knobs or headrests above the top edge which would require a cut out in the cover to allow the cover to sit flat upon the edge, we can make them for whatever size is necessary, for an additional charge.

We also can make an approved safety cover which is capable of supporting 300 pounds of weight (price will vary depending on the size). If you have the need for an extra-weight-bearing cover, we can add metal strips to the foam pieces, running from the fold to the outer edges (additional charges apply). Another available option is a cover which has fiberglass-reinforced board laminated to the foam. This enables the cover to have a harder, stronger surface on the top.

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